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      Staying up late accelerates aging, delicious food keeps youth

      Nowadays, staying up late has become a very common phenomenon for office workers or students. Often staying up late will not only make some organs of the body out of balance, but also lead to accelerated aging, especially for female friends, staying up late is very harmful to the skin.

      So from a health point of view, staying up late is still harmful. Here's how gourmet food can help you stay up late and fight against senility.

      Anti-aging Food 1: Stewed Duck Eggs in Raw Land

      Material: 20 g raw land, 1 to 2 duck eggs


      1. Wash the shell of duck's eggs and stew them in a small fire with fresh water.

      2. After boiling, remove the shell of duck eggs, then put them in soup water and simmer for 20 minutes.

      3. Season with ice sugar once a day or twice to three times a week.

      Efficacy: Dry mouth, dry throat and swollen gums often occur after staying up late, and if you want to get up the next day after staying up with a sweet voice and a vivid smile, this sugar water is very suitable. Habitat itself has the effect of nourishing Yin, long-term use of beauty has a certain effect.

      Anti-aging Food II: Qingnaoxi

      MATERIALS: Dry Tremella fuciformis, Eucommia ulmoides 50 grams, ice sugar 250 grams.


      1. Eucommia ulmoides is washed and boiled with water. Boil over high heat and simmer slowly over low heat. Sauce and set aside.

      2. Dry Tremella fuciformis is soaked with warm water, then impurities are picked out, crushed and washed.

      3. Put Eucommia ulmoides juice and Tremella fuciformis into the pot. After the clean impurities of Eucommia ulmoides are boiled on a strong fire, they are moved to a gentle fire and boiled for a long time until Tremella fuciformis ripe and then put ice sugar.

      Efficacy: Nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood.

      TIPS: Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. is a tonic medicine with warm and hot medicinal properties and strong tonic power, which may injure the Yin. Eucommia ulmoides medicinal properties may be dry mouth and tongue, urine red yellow hot body beauty eyebrows, should be avoided or careful to avoid eating hot and dry.

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