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      Food security will focus on resolving the nine problems
      Date【2014-12-26 17:26】 Total reading:【】次

        Core tip: May 27th, the general office of the State Council announced the "Notice of the general office of the State Council issued in 2014 on" food safety key arrangement, infant formula milk powder, hot issues of oil safety is incorporated into the outstanding problem of nine columns, 2014 will strive to solve.

              In May 27th, the general office of the State Council announced the "Circular of the State Council General Office issued in 2014 on the food safety key work arrangements" (hereinafter referred to as the notice), infant formula milk powder, hot issues of oil safety is incorporated into the outstanding problem of nine columns, in 2014 will focus in solving.
             The nine outstanding issues including the agricultural product quality safety, infant formula milk powder, renovation of livestock and poultry slaughtering and meat products, edible oil safety special rectification of governance, rural food safety regulation, children and school food safety, add the illegal illegal propaganda, the shelf life of food regulation and network and foreign trade food special rectification.
             Among them, infant formula milk powder and edible oil security issues of particular concern, previously, aiming at the problem of frequent infant milk powder in the area, the State Council issued requirements promote milk powder into the drugstore sales, and in Beijing, Jiangsu and other places gradually pilot, then, Shanghai, Changsha and other places will have begun to "milk powder into the drugstore" pilot, but according to the media reports, the promotion of pilot since a lot of resistance, sales is not optimistic.
              The "notice" provisions, to further strengthen the infant formula milk powder of national supervision sampling, sampling results timely released. It is strictly prohibited to entrust, OEM, packing mode of production of infant formula milk powder, and timely publication of illegal units "black list".
              Therefore, during this year NPC and CPPCC brought three food safety bill, members of the CPPCC Beijing Food Research Institute Yuan Zong Engineer Feng Ping that, in addition to quality issues, infant milk powder propaganda equally worrying, the consumer will have some wrong ideas.
              On the other hand, edible oil safety problem is the one of the "notice" stressed the efforts to resolve the problems, "notice" clearly put forward, to take "trench oil" illegal interests chain from the source, the formation of benign operation mechanism of the combination of block.
              The "Circular" said, according to the law to crack down on illegal acquisition, transportation, processing kitchen waste oil, the use of animal offal, chemical raw material extraction, manufacturing and selling animal fats, shoddy, false and vegetable oil as qualified to unqualified edible oil and other illegal acts.
              In the food safety supervision, the "notice" put forward, to improve food safety regulatory system from the central to local until at the grassroots level, to further implement the food safety of territorial management responsibilities, strengthen the city and county level two regulatory responsibilities, in addition, establish a strict system of accountability, responsibility person according to law shall be investigated for major food safety incidents of dereliction of duty and other liabilities.
             The people's Republic of China food safety law the provisions of the State Council in May 14th also by the principle of "(Revised Draft)" is reflected in the draft, the local people's governments at or above the county level shall take the food safety work into the local economic and social development planning, to strengthen food safety supervision and administration ability construction.
              In May 6th the national food and drug supervision and administration of the inspection held a press conference, spokesman Wang Tiehan said the country food and drug supervision and management mechanism reform has not yet been completed, especially food and drug supervision work is still in the further integration of basic functions, many places also did all the integration over, workers have not yet transferred in place.
              According to the "notice", this year will be the enactment and amendment of a number of food safety laws and regulations, and to clean up and integration of a number of national food safety standards and local standards.
             Among them, food production license management regulations, food labeling supervision and management measures, food additive production supervision and management measures, food borne disease management regulations, the import and export food safety regulations, products related to food safety supervision and management measures and other supporting laws and regulations system will be to speed up the development of. In addition, the revision of "food safety law" of the people's Republic of China will step up efforts to promote.
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