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      Add:No.3 Changsha Road, Yantai Development Zone, Penglai
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      In order to ensure the effective operation of our company's food safety management system, our company has taken the following measures:


      1. Establish product identification, quality tracking and product recall system to ensure timely recall of manufactured products in the event of safety and hygiene quality problems;


      2. The ISO team has formulated the sanitary control procedures for raw materials, accessories, semi-finished products, finished products and production processes, which are effectively implemented and recorded by the Ministry of Production. The ISO team has compiled the Sanitary Standard Operating Procedures for processing water, food contact surfaces, prevention of cross-contamination, toxic and harmful substances, pest control, human health and adulterations. There are strict regulations on sundries, sanitation and disinfection facilities and other eight aspects. All departments conscientiously implement and record them well.


      3. Hazard analysis of all processing processes was carried out by members of HACCP team, and HACCP plan was compiled. Clear operating procedures for key processes affecting food hygiene were formulated and continuously monitored. Operators and monitors were identified, and monitoring records were made.


      4. To formulate and implement control systems for non-conforming products, including identification, record, evaluation, isolation, disposal and traceability of non-conforming products;


      5. To record the hygienic quality of the reaction products, formulate and implement management regulations on labeling, collection, cataloguing, filing, storage, storage and disposal. All quality records are authentic, accurate, standardized and have traceability of hygienic quality. The storage period is not less than 3 years.


      In a word, Xingyu strengthens the quality consciousness from the source, processing, inspection and other aspects, continuously meets the food safety requirements, and ensures the safe production of our company's products.

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